How to Find Your Soulmate Using Love Affirmations

by improsel on November 11, 2010

How to Find Your Soulmate, find your soul mateHow to find your soulmate using love affirmations is the best thing to do in order for you to find your partner for life. Positive affirmations can actually change your own perspective in life and can manifest positive aura towards the people that you value most. Did you ever experience that kind of positive thinking and even consider having someone by your side? If you have, then practicing love affirmations can really boost your confidence and might even make your dreams of finding your soulmate come true.

Practicing love affirmations is a fun thing to do but there are also some rules to follow in order for you to find the perfect mate.

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How to find your soulmate #1: Be Particular in Details

In how to find your soulmate using affirmations for love, you must take note of two things:

1) What type of person do you like

2) What type of person do you want to be

Most of the time people try to get what they want by asserting it to happen but they never make an effort in analyzing what is wrong and correct something with themselves to achieve their goals. Assessing yourself is very vital in intimate relationships. The most basic thing to do is enumerate the traits that you like in a person, then simply ask this:

What type of person should I be so that I could finally meet the one? To fully understand this question, you can start finding your soulmate using love affirmations creatively.

How to find your soulmate #2: Make a List of Your Affirmations

There are four constant approaches in positive affirmations for finding your soul mate: address it in the first person; make it in the present tense; mention the traits that you like; and the most crucial, mention the traits that you want to acquire to find the right person.

To be successful in getting a confident and ambitious man/woman, the template for your love affirmations should be:

“As I become more confident and determined, more confident and determined men/women draw their attention to me.”

“My assurance and assertiveness brings assured and assertive men/women in my life.”

“I love to get aspiring men/women because I am an aspiring man/woman.”

The four constant approaches for finding your soulmate using love affirmations related to the above are:

1) All are stated in the present tense

2) All are mentioned in the first person

3) All have the traits that you like in a person

4) All have the traits that you want to learn for your soul mate

There are also some points you need to put in mind before disproving the truth behind these love affirmations: positive love affirmations instill beliefs and possibilities in your mind as you daily practice it. When these beliefs and attitudes become inculcated in your subconscious mind, they will reflect your actions in the real world. This instance is a result of cognitive dissonance. Cognitive dissonance is an unusual feeling of a person caused by having contradicting ideas. This theory definitely explains the reason why people change their minds or actions whenever their beliefs and ideas clash together.

The final step brings it all together…

How to find your soulmate #3: Practice Your Positive Affirmations

How to find your soulmate with love affirmations  means to rehearse your speech in front of the mirror. The whole process may take 21 days or approximately three weeks before you get to experience the results. Your attitudes, beliefs, and actions will start to be coherent and you will be able to meet your soul mate in time.

Do it now and break a leg!

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Using Positive Affirmations for Weight Loss

by improsel on November 12, 2010

affirmations for weight loss, Weight Loss AffirmationsOne of the most important ingredients to the accomplishment of your ideal weight and the attainment of lasting results are affirmations for weight loss . People who have resorted to self hypnosis or NLP as well as exercise and other programs were more successful in reducing their weight mainly because of these affirmations for weight loss. (see also How to Find Your SoulmateDiets to Lose Weight Fast and Effectively )

If you’re eager to reach your target weight, increase your energy and have better self-esteem, then these simple, effective and helpful tips in building weight loss affirmations can help you achieve all these.

If you keep in mind all these affirmations, weight loss will just be another hurdle that you can easily overcome.

Affirmations for weight loss # 1: Targeting an Ideal Weight

The first step in the development of positive affirmations for weight loss is goal setting, specifically determining a target weight you could achieve. A common mistake done by people who try to lose weight is concentrating too much on losing those unwanted extra pounds. The problem with that mindset is that it runs contrary to the preconceived idea that losing something is tantamount to something negative, a notion that has long been embedded in our subconscious.

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Instead of doing adopting this way of thinking, what you should put mind is that you don’t want to lose weight but what you want is to reach your ideal weight.

TIP: To accomplish this weight loss affirmation, try to know your ideal weight by consulting a doctor or using a target weight calculator. Do not prescribe one for yourself simply because you feel that’s how you’re supposed to weigh.

Affirmations for weight loss #2: Determining the Changes You Want to Make

Weight loss affirmations and other diet programs are not enough to lose weight effective. A change in your lifestyle should be in order and this includes the proper diet coupled with exercise. Existing options will simply affect your health adversely and will never compensate your efforts with results. Aside from determining your ideal weight, you should also identify the changes you’re willing to make so that you would know how you’d go about accomplishing them. This way, your subconscious is motivated to undertake certain actions with the use of these positive affirmations.

Affirmations for weight loss # 3: Building Them

Once you’re done with the first two steps, you should begin creating weight loss affirmations. The following principles will guide in you throughout this process:

1) Affirmations should be in the present tense

2) Affirmations should be in the first person

3) Affirmations should be affirmative (don’t use words such as: quit, not, lose, stop, no etc.)

4) Affirmations should tend to incite action

Weight loss affirmations should be action oriented in that they are directed towards doing specific actions identified in step two. Some examples are:

  • “I’m reconditioning my metabolism by eating healthier and so I’m taking steps to achieving my ideal weight. “
  • “With my commitment to resistance training and cardiovascular workout I’m reaching my ideal weight”
  • “Through a nutritious diet and a more active lifestyle, I am increasing my energy levels and confidence”

Observe how the aforementioned weight loss affirmations are done in the present tense, make use of the word “I’m”, geared towards taking action they are all affirmative. This is how they should be done. Of course, the next step is to do the actual work on these positive weight loss affirmations.

Affirmations for weight loss #4: Rehearsing Daily

Using weight loss affirmations to recondition your subconscious only needs the application of the same principles for reconditioning the body. You know that permanent results are not merely achieved through occasional trips to the gym. Committing to an active lifestyle and making exercise a part of your daily routine is important. Moreover, you should embrace and enjoy this change. Once you’ve built your own weight loss affirmations read them at least twice a day, once during the day, and once at night.

These are the necessary steps to conditioning your subconscious to lose weight quickly and effectively through the use of your very own affirmations for weight loss. Use them to your advantage and you will definitely feel better.

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Diets to Lose Weight Fast and Effectively

by improsel on November 12, 2010

Diets to Lose Weight Fast, diets to lose weight fast in a weekYour Guide to Weight Loss

There are currently a number of diets to lose weight fast and if you’re looking for options then these three weight loss tips will help you achieve the figure you desire. Even with all the available products and programs in the market, a staggering 95% of the people who use them still do not get the results they’re looking for. Only the remaining 5% of these people know of certain tips that prevent them from being stuck in that rut. (see also How to Find Your Soulmate)

If you want to be among these lucky people and you’re eager to learn of easy diets to lose weight fast, the tips discussed here will help you understand the difference between those who fail and those succeeded in reaching their ideal weight.

Diets to lose weight fast Rule #1 – The Right Frame of Mind

If you want to take advantage of the diets to lose weight fast, you will need to have the right mindset. Set a specific weight that you want to attain AND do what it takes to achieve that…no matter what…Determination is the key to achieving any goal. Decisiveness and willpower serve as your motivation to lose weight fast and easy. Many of those who are struggling with weight issues try numerous options that purport to be the best way to lose weight fast, only to end up failing.

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There’s a possibility that even if you make use of these effective diets to lose weight fast, you still won’t be able to see results. Attempting and wanting to do something about those extra pounds do not ensure success at all and they are certainly not enough to meet the expectations you’ve set for yourself. If you have been wanting to lose weight quickly and you look forward to making it happen, your mind will have the power to tell your body to help you reach your goals.

Diets to lose weight fast Rule #2 – Strength Training

One of the fast ways to lose weight is to develop your body’s resistance and strength. Exercising your muscles through resistance training increases your metabolic rate and your energy level, which will consequently allow you to burn fat faster even when you’re not engaged in any physical activity. This doesn’t mean that you have to beef up and pack on a lot of muscle. This will only entail lifting weights to strengthen the bones and muscles and to increase muscle mass as well.

Within weeks of doing this program, you will be losing fat and will slowly achieve that lean and healthy body. Resistance training should be coupled with a balanced diet and cardiovascular exercise at least three times a week. Integrating or alternating between cardiovascular workout and resistance training is one of the best ways to lose fat quickly since you are keeping the body physically fit while burning those excess calories.

Diets to lose weight fast Rule #3 – Changes in Your Metabolic System

The endocrine system is responsible for controlling your metabolism, which is in turn determined by your food intake and your stress levels. If you really want to maximize the diets to lose weight fast, avoid foods that are high in sugar, sodium, and fat. They adversely affect your metabolism making it harder for you to lose weight. High levels of stress and drastic dieting also have negative effects on your metabolism. But if you eat healthy, steer clear of extreme diets and meditate at least 15 minutes everyday then you’ll restore normalcy into your metabolic rates and lose weight accordingly.

So, these are the three tips with diets to lose weight fast and they will help you earn a place among the top 5% earlier mentioned. Make use of these tips and you will surely keep your family and friends guessing about the secret to your weight loss.

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Power Your Subconscious Mind

by improsel on November 12, 2010

power your subconscious mind, Subconscious ProgrammingFor many generations, ‘power your subconscious mind‘ has been put under scientific, philosophical, and even religious scrutiny. In recent years however, in the scientific paradigm, there had been advancements and discoveries with regard to connecting the subconscious mind to the holistic well-being of a human person. One very concrete example of how the power of subconscious mind really astonishes people is the book-turned-movie “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. For those people who are yearning, longing, and excited to receive, and experience happiness, satisfaction, here are some points to consider. (see also How to Find Your Soulmate )

Power Your Subconscious Mind and the Best Gift One Can Receive

One inherent and most probably the best thing that gives coercion to human beings is free will. The homo sapiens’ power of cognition gives them the choice of revolutionizing the paradigm of their subconscious through what the mind deems to focus on at a second-to-second basis. This concept has actually been around since time immemorial. Descartes already said, “Cogito, ergo sum.” So what are the implications of this subconscious programming with regard to holistic well-being.

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Observe the richest, most famous and influential people in the world and how they went through thick and thin, and ups and downs in their lives. Some people may ask themselves: “Rags to riches, understandable! But riches to rags to riches? Huh??” Although these success gurus have shared to us their journeys, learning, and experiences, we as different people cannot imitate 100% how they were able to rise from the rubble. The reason for this phenomenon is that it is not how the “recipes” are formulated, planned, or organized but rather how to deliver and apply these “recipes”.

So, if you want to be the next guru, the next success story, make the initiative to power your subconscious mind in programming it in a direction that will lead to success. In achieving this, your subconscious mind control shall be like the gurus of then and now. Just give it time, and one will see the power of the subconscious programming being consistent with what one wants in life. Hold your horses though because there’s another aspect to mind power which is really motivating and awesome.

Power Your Subconscious Mind and Infinity

For almost a century, masters of physics have extracted a discovery that we are currently having a life in a huge field of energy and that all things you can see, hear, feel, taste, and even smell are made up of energy. A determinant of the state of a sensible thing is the state of vibration energies. What is really enticing about this claim is that putting up a new type of vibration can help in using the subconscious. If this new vibe is at the same wavelength with the vibe of what you really want, the things you want will be attracted to you. A good sign that you are doing the right thing is that the subconscious programming shall give you guides and directions as to how you can get what you want.

The name of the phenomenon that was demonstrated above is “the law of attraction” which in a nutshell says that whatever you have right now is a result of ‘power your subconscious mind‘. So this piece shows you how the subconscious mind can make your dreams a reality.

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Successful Affirmations to Boost Your Self Esteem

by improsel on November 12, 2010

affirmations to boost your self esteem, self esteem affirmationsA great way to build self esteem for you to become more positive and self dependent is to engage in positive affirmations to boost your self esteem. Positively affirming yourself and engaging in internal conversations with your mind through self esteem activities help you to form a more positive approach in life. (see also How to Find Your SoulmateHow to Build Your Self Confidence in Three Steps )

They break your habitual thinking patterns and change how you talk to yourself. So, how come that not more persons are applying this approach for building self esteem. I believe that many are just not aware of the good results they can achieve when using their own positive affirmations.  As safe as it sounds, they aren’t aware that through self esteem affirmations they can achieve a more concrete outcome.

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Luckily, a simple set of beliefs assists you in constructing effective, easy-to-use positive affirmations. This article will give you simple strategies on how to create and use your own self esteem affirmations.

Affirmations to boost your self esteem #1 – Identify Your Principles

In any plan to achieve self development, it is important to first identify your principles on which you want to build your self esteem. Ask yourself, ‘What characteristics does a person with high self esteem have? ‘Whom do I know that has a high self esteem, dead or alive?’ When you have that person in mind, it’ll be easier to identify principles upon which you are going to build your positive affirmations when you remember or observe how a confident persons acts. Simply put,  you have to tell your brain first how a confident persons looks like before your brain knows what a confident person is. Only then, you’re becoming more confident.

Constant self esteem affirmations help condition your subconscious mind to respond positively, therefore improving your self esteem. In your directions, you need to be as detailed as possible and create specific actions that represent high self esteem. Some self esteem activities are to build up the courage to talk to a person you barely know, to speak to men and the courage to negotiate for something you want to buy but for a lesser amount. The key is to come up with a variety of actions that you believe to be typical for a highly confident person.

Affirmations to boost your self esteem #2 - The Ingredients for Successful Affirmations to Boost Your Self Esteem

Self esteem affirmations must follow four essential principles: it has to be in the present tense; positive in character meaning avoid wordings that are negative such as don’t, won’t, can’t; not and no; they have to be in the first person and it has to be action driven. For example:

“I am confident and credible in my business dealings.”

“I approach people I barely know and build a connection with them.”

“I am a master at concluding deals.”

“I am determined and self dependent in pushing through with my potential clients.”

Observe that all the self esteem affirmations above have four things in common:

  • They’re in the present tense
  • They’re all affirmative
  • They’re all in the first person
  • They all involve a specific action

Once your positive affirmations are done according to the guidelines, the only thing left to do is…

#3 Practice Your Positive Affirmations to Boost Your Self Esteem

Applying affirmations to boost your self esteem is a process to improve self esteem confidence. In order to be truly successful in achieving this goal, this has to be done constantly and without fail.  A good practice would be to say your affirmations out loud when you wake up and before you go to bed.  Like sports is training for the body, positive affirmations are training for your mind – both have to be done consistently if you want to see results, otherwise they will start to undo themselves.

Rehearse your affirmations to boost your self esteem day by day. Once you feel you had enough of the same create new ones, go ahead and don’t forget the process on how to do it. Make the commitment to incorporate this in your daily, and confidence will come naturally to you and become a part of your actions and beliefs.

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Self Improvement Ideas, list of self improvement ideasSelf improvement ideas are an opportunity for you to grow as an individual and to be more self-fulfilled. If you’re seeking for ways to develop and grow, then perhaps you are always looking for effective ways that will help you improve yourself and will help you grow as an individual. Whether you get them from self improvement books or self help materials, you would want these ways to deliver the results that you desire. (see also How to Find Your Soulmate & How To Meditate for Beginners )

After more than a decade of studying self improvement and motivation, I give you the seven self improvement ideas as my way of paying it forward and as a means of reaching out to people who have always wanted to be successful.

Self Improvement Ideas # 1: Keep a Journal

The most successful people in history were all fond of writing. Improving self esteem entails writing in a journal because it will help you become more self-aware and will help you think more clearly. This self help tip will enable you to reinvent yourself and build your confidence.

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Self Improvement Ideas # 2: Meditate

While most people tend to overlook this tip, this is one of the most important out of all the self improvement ideas. Through meditation you free yourself from stress and clear your mind from all the thoughts make you anxious and worried. Meditation also helps your well-being and health by improving your heart rate and aiding digestion.

Self Improvement Ideas # 3: Think of Winning

Many achievers usually aren’t really better or more intelligent than the average individual. What sets them apart from most people is that they know they’re going to win even if they haven’t thought of ways on how to go about it.

When you decide to apply the self improvement ideas to your life, you’re not expected to have a concrete or ideal plan on those expectations. If you have the mindset of a winner, perseverance the only thing you need for you to actually become one.

Self Improvement Ideas # 4: Write Down Your Goals and Action Plan

Writing down your action plan and setting your goals is important if you want to achieve them. It gives you a sense of clarity and sets your expectations. Written plans lay down courses of action that you should undertake every day so that you will be able to realize your goals.

Self Improvement Ideas # 5: Become Well-Rounded

The road to self improvement is a holistic process. When you embark on this journey, you should consider every aspect of your life because they affect each other. Relationship problems can have adverse affects on your health and finances. If you are unhealthy, this will hamper your personal grown as well as any attempt to attain your goals. You will not be able to maximize the use of these self-improvement ideas if you focus on only one area of your life.

Whatever it is you want to achieve, being a well-rounded person is essential whatever your goal in life is. It is the cornerstone in developing emotional strength, physical endurance, personal network, and financial freedom.

Self Improvement Ideas # 6: Positive Affirmations

The use of positive self-affirmations and self improvement ideas can effect positive changes in your attitude, personality, actions and your entire self. You should write down one affirmation for each aspect of your life (i.e. finances, relationships, family, career etc.) and make sure you read them aloud twice every day.

Self Improvement Ideas # 7: Learn by Teaching

Out of all the aforementioned self improvement ideas, this should be considered as the most essential. When you teach others how to grow as individuals, this deepens your understanding of the principles enabling you to apply them more effective in your own life. If you can’t teach them to anyone, write about the principles and how they have helped you.

Writing at least a paragraph about these self improvement ideas would be a good start. Do it as if you were teaching someone the principles and this will certainly help you understand them better.

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How to Build Your Self Confidence in Three Steps

by improsel on November 12, 2010

how to build Self Confidence, get self confidenceHas an absence of self esteem kept you from taking advantage of a great opportunity? Have you ever experienced an instance during a job interview where even the answer to the easiest question has eluded you? Perhaps you walked away from that job interview knowing that if you would know how to build self confidence that job would be yours. (see also How to Find Your Soulmate )

How about being in a conversation with someone you are attracted to and realizing that your lack of confidence has totally failed you any opportunity to get further with that person?

Self esteem confidence is perhaps one of the most important traits that can help you along life’s path and your own self growth. Finding ways on how to build self confidence will make you a more satisfied person and have a happier life!

These three simple steps will help you to increase self esteem and never again miss out on your life’s great opportunities.

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How to build self confidence Step 1: Look within Yourself

Building confidence and self esteem requires that you look within yourself first and see what is stopping you from being more confident. Being centered and knowing what you are worth is fundamental in building self-esteem. When you look at how society tears down even the most famous celebrities, it is usually the ones who have looked within themselves and have given themselves self worth, who are able to shake off the critics and get the self confidence needed to keep moving.

TIP: Make a mental list of how many times you allow others’ criticisms of you, or external factors make you doubt yourself. Think about how you can react differently in those situations. By doing that, you will limit the clout you are giving to others in tearing down your self esteem and restoring that authority to yourself.

How to build self confidence Step 2: Have a Clear Cut Mission

Knowing exactly what you want to change about your way of thinking is key to improving self esteem. You need to have a clear cut mission, a reason behind why you need to get self confidence. This determination will give others the rightful impression that you are decision maker, a trait of those who are not insecure. It won’t be easy to determine what your mission is; you’ll need to go back to the first step of looking within yourself and deciding what you expect from you and not what others are expecting of you.

TIP: In a daily journal, begin to ask yourself what your clear cut mission is. Don’t force your answers, simply write down the questions and allow your mind time to digest the question before writing the first things that come to you. This process will allow you to spell out your ideas, and gain a new understanding of your personal undertaking to get self confidence.

How to build self confidence Step 3: Modify Your Discourse with Yourself

If society’s opinions can trigger a blow to your self-confidence, consider what your very own opinions can do to it. You are in constant communication with yourself and your opinion of you matters more than others when it comes to your inner sense of confidence. How you dialogue with you is more important than the outside distractions and that is why it is important to change any negative dialogues into encouraging statements that will help you to get self confidence and improve your self esteem. Think about ways in which you give others positive affirmations, then turn around and apply those boosting words to yourself.

Once you have created some words of encouragement and support for yourself, put them in writing in your journal; speak them aloud daily, when you wake up and before you go to bed. Better yet, look yourself in the eye, stand in front of a mirror and speak the affirmations to yourself while looking at yourself eye to eye.

Applying these easy steps into your life immediately will help you to quickly build the self esteem you have been keeping internalized throughout your life. You will be happy that you have taken these simple steps on how to build self confidence.

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Mind Movies Review

by improsel on November 11, 2010

Mind Movies Review, mind moviesA Powerful Mind Technique

Here’s a Mind Movies Review that will give you an idea of what you’ll be getting when you become a member of mind movies or when checking the free versions they have on YouTube. The principle behind Ryan Higgins’ mind movies is applying the law of attraction. Through mind movies you can rework your subconscious mind to become “tuned in” to what it is that you want your mind tuned into. The mind power techniques of the mind movie can help shape up the mental mind of even the laziest person without any additional meditation and visualization needed which makes mind movies very promising. (see also How to Find Your Soulmate & How the Law of Abundance Works )

Let’s begin my Mind Movies Review for you to find out if the mind movie is worth your money and time. With this review you can decide on which road to take when it comes to Ryan Higgins’ mind movies.

What to Expect from Mind Movies – Review

Mind movies were developed to condition or program our subconscious mind through visual simulation and hidden messages. All of these expectations may seem too good to be true that we stop and ask, ‘Will these mind power techniques really work?’ Well, that’s what we’re going to find out in this Mind Movies Review.

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Real life application of Ryan Higgins’ mind movies has been put to a test by advertisers where hidden messages were added while playing movies that actually got people to buy food. Some TV commercials used hidden messages to tune a person’s subconscious mind to buy their product being aired on TV. However, due to the powerful pull of the hidden messages to alter one’s mind, this has been disallowed to use for safety and moral reasons.

Marketing experts – seeing the impact and success hidden messages have on the mind – are trying to find a way around using it. Mind power techniques are being seen and studied as a way to recondition anyone’s mind for success. You can forget about hours of meditation or any kind of hard work. Mind movies are so simple, you just watch them.

What Buyers Must Know

In this part of the Mind Movies review, you need to know that – as many benefits there can be in applying the law of attraction that is mind movies’ principle – we still have to see the possible downside of using mind movies too much. Too much use of mind power techniques such as mind movies can disrupt the mind’s critical thinking process and awareness on how to perceive things based on the mind’s subconscious capability to process things. Mind movies, though, really powerful in teaching you what to think don’t really facilitate proper learning on how to think  – which is an important denominator in succeeding in life.

To make the Law of Attraction work for you through the use of mind movies, you can additionally ground yourself more in reality by keeping a journal or other reality-check activities to spurn your creative and critical thinking.

In Conclusion of this Mind Movies Review

I recommend to invest in it for two obvious reasons: Those who want to follow the Law of Attraction and want to stimulate their mind using visual representations can get faster results. Another reason is if your emotional state  prevents your mind from focusing your thoughts with meditation and self hypnosis, you can use these powerful mind movie techniques instead.

You’ll be satisfied with investing in this helpful tool if you’ve the two reasons in the back of you mind, and the strong desire to change your life.  Best of luck and may this Mind Movies Review be of help when deciding to turn your life around for the better! To your Success!

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Personal Growth and Development, personality growthMany people are in search of things that can develop their personal growth and development. If you are the same as most people, though, you must be more interested on strategies and tips for self help personal development, which can help you obtain your objectives, boost your confidence, and encourage your personal spiritual growth. As one of the many self-improvement tips seekers, I have written some suggestions that hopefully can help other people in enhancing their personality development. (see also How to Find Your Soulmate & How the Law of Abundance Works )

Here are five simple proposals for spiritual and personal growth that you can incorporate in your daily routine after reading this article.

Personal growth and development #1 – Do Not Assume You Know Everything

Humility should be the first and foremost habit that a person must have in order to achieve personality and personal growth. In terms of personal development, assuming that you already know almost everything is the initial sign that your spiritual and personal growth has languished. The people who achieved the most personality and spiritual advancement are those who believe there is an overpowering majority of things they are not aware of.

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Personal growth and development #2 – Optimism Should be Balanced With Critical Thinking

Although there are many talks on the advantages of being optimistic and positive thinker, being always optimistic may lead you to not notice the importance of critical thinking. It is also crucial to cultivate your critical thinking skill because this skill will help you learn accept failure without having nonconstructive effects on you. There are times when you will still fail regardless of how hard you try or how knowledgeable you are, and critical thinking will help you accept the fact that there are still lots of things you have to learn.

Personal growth and development #3 – Find the Meaning in Nature

Despite of the thousands of books released concerning personality and personal growth, most thought provoking things that can boost our personality growth are found in nature. The novelist C.S. Lewis once stated his belief that many of the people’s problems are the consequence of the reality that people are so detached with other creations. People are mostly inside man-made surroundings full of technologies and inventions that is why they fail to recognize the wonders of nature that might help in encouraging their personal growth development.

If you just spend a little more time outside, you will find massive assortment of lessons that can be applied for the advancement of not only your spiritual development, but your personality and personal growth as well.

#4 Take Care of Your Health and Your Body

It is mentioned in the New Testament that our body is a temple, which is, if you contemplate about it, not just a religious statement. Having a fragile body and weak health will result to lack of energy and willpower, not allowing you to concentrate on important things more than your dull daily routine. When you have excellent health and your body is in good condition, though, you will feel you are bursting with energy, which allows you to focus on things and allocate your energies on actions that will assist the development of your personal and persona growth.

#5 Establish a Central Purpose

Personal growth and development is among the most gratifying things that life can give us. However, there is also the possibility to be trapped and get stuck in our journey to attain spiritual and personal advancement. We might end up lost and confused because we just aimed for personality development for personal growth development’s sake only. To avoid bewilderment and being out of focus, you must have a central purpose. Your central purpose will help you stay on the right track and will give you the motivation and energy you need to carry on during hopeless times.

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Finding Your Life’s Purpose

by improsel on November 11, 2010

Finding Your Life's Purpose, find purpose in lifefMost people tend to think that finding your life’s purpose is as simple as wanting to be someone like being a good mother or father to your kids or being a person who has integrity. While these things are essential to becoming an accomplished person that other people will admire, these things are already a given; everyone wants to become a good parent and become a person who upholds virtue. (see also How to Find Your Soulmate & How To Meditate for Beginners )

The real question here is on how to find your life’s purpose that is more than being who you are, but for others’ sake as well. Living not only for your own; living to make a change for the world. That’s what finding your life’s purpose really means.

Maybe this is what Zig Ziglar wanted to say in his book entitled “Over the Top”, which states that to succeed in life, your life’s goal must not be as mundane as most people, but become a person capable of reaching a precise life changing goal. Below, you will find some tips on how to change your life.

Finding Your Life’s Purpose

The first step you have to take is to put a wall of silence between you and the world outside. You may not have noticed it, but human beings survive by depending on each other and because of this, finding your life’s purpose becomes harder to achieve. Everyone do things in accordance to other people’s opinions, requests and thoughts and these influence our decisions in life. You have to listen to what your heart tells you, what you want, and what you are capable of to determine your life purpose.

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Nobody has a say when it comes to your personal and spiritual development, it is your full responsibility and you must learn to value your own opinions, decisions and actions. When you learn to separate your heart’s voice from other people’s voices, you can begin concentrating on your own capabilities that will aid you in your journey towards finding your life purpose.

Listen To What Your Heart Tells You

What you must understand is you have to LISTEN to what your heart and inner self want in order to develop self-awareness and realize what you’re living for in this world. One thing that will help you record your goals is to keep a life journal. Famous people like Benjamin Franklin believe that ‘one must do something worth remembering or write something worth reading about’. Keeping track of your thoughts will help you understand yourself better and realize what you really want to accomplish in life. By doing so, you will be able to easily pinpoint the way to finding your life purpose.

Take a closer look and you will see that writing acts like a filter that separates random thoughts influenced by the outside world from your own mind’s voice. Asking yourself specific questions like “What can I do to leave a mark in this world?” and writing down your answers will help you appreciate what you can do and value those skills that you can use in order to reach your goals. Asking yourself general questions like “What is my purpose in life?” is too broad and you might just say universal answers like “I want to become a good person.” Which is what we’re trying to avoid doing.

Act towards Chasing Your Dreams after Finding Your Life’s Purpose

Once you finally find your purpose in life, don’t wait to find physical motivation like money or friends; your motivation must come from wanting to reach your goal in life. This means that everything you do is specifically planned to get what you need in order to reach your goal. Make it so that you work to get money and you meet a lot of people in the journey of reaching your purpose in life. Devote yourself in reading about things that will come in useful to meeting your goals.

Be a dedicated researcher of things that interests you and by integrating it with your journal entries, you will ultimately achieve a sound mind, heart and body when you get your answer to finding your life’s purpose.

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